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As Your Representative and Your Voice in Senate I Will Support

School Educational Choice & Parental Rights

Educational choice is an opportunity that should be available for all families in order to achieve a promising future for their children. Every child deserves a chance and when parents can choose, their children will have a better chance at a quality education and a better life.

Small Business

Small businesses are the heartbeat of America and our Community. Locally our small businesses and the entrepreneurs who run them create valuable jobs that stimulate our community’s economy by keeping revenues right in our own backyard and help support our families and neighborhoods. Small businesses are feeling the impact of inflation and are being hit with dramatic rises in costs of goods and services, labor shortages and supply chain issues. We need to protect our small businesses locally by supporting them with our patronage and legislatively through deregulation, tax cuts and measures to insure that they can remain successfully in business.


We need to protect locally and nationally our farmers and ranchers and their abilities to produce in order to insure an abundance in harvests and food products. Our farmers and ranchers not only feed us as a nation, they create vital jobs, economic growth and large trade exports, which all lead to greater prosperity. Because of them we have domestic security in food and the ability to provide food aid to those in need, both domestically and abroad. We need to protect what we often take for granted by protecting our water resources, keeping America energy independent and de-escalating run-away inflation that is impacting every American.

Fair and Simple Tax Codes

The establishment of a fair and simple pro-growth tax code that will stimulate and promote economic growth and create jobs. This is an paramount factor in bringing our economy and families back to prosperity and provide an opportunity for those seeking the American dream.

Energy Independence

As a Nation we have the most domestic energy resources of any country in the world. Those resources are clean, affordable and abundant and come in many forms such as oil, natural gas, coal and well as solar, nuclear and hydro power. Under the current administration we are being forced to give up our energy independence through knee-jerk executive orders and out of touch domestic and foreign policies. This has dramatically increased energy prices to our people and businesses and it has cost our country jobs, economic prosperity and trade opportunities. We need to get our energy independence back quickly and return the power to the free market economy without subsidies and onerous regulations.

Border Security and Safety

Vigilant border security is critical to preserving a safe and secure America. Our safety is being compromised more and more every day. By increasing security along our land and coastal borders we have a better opportunity to safeguard our citizens and legal immigrants from the illegal entry of undocumented immigrants, drug and weapon smugglers and terrorists.

Public Safety and Support of  Our Police and First Responders

Our law enforcement officers, firefighters, and paramedics support is critical to insure the safety and well being of everyone who live in our communities. Whether responding to an individual incident or a disaster, they risk their own well being on a daily basis to make sure that our families are safe and secure.

Our Military Troops and Veterans

Our military is there for us in times of peace and times of crisis. They are men and women that come from all walks of life and all communities and are dedicated to serving and protecting our great Nation. We need to show our support of them by restoring and increasing the resources that they need to do their jobs in protecting us and to provide them and their families with the pay, the benefits, including housing, healthcare and education that they deserve. This support also applies to our Veterans and to the families of those who made the ultimate sacrifice.